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Can’t you feel it in the air? Fall is here. And at Foglers, we know how to do fall. We are a cornucopia of autumnal abundance right now! From vibrant-colored mums to crisp red apples, we have everything you need to help you enjoy fall’s bounty in Michigan.

No matter your taste, we have seasonal selections for your home and garden. Now is the time to plant the magnificent jewel and earthy hues of fall––golden, red, orange, burgundy––whether you plant in containers or beds. Our garden experts can offer a helping hand in selecting the perfect cacophony of colors, blooms, and textures for you. Ornamental kales and bursting mounds of mums express the crowning harvest of fall tucked in along your shrubbery or spotlighted on your porch and patio. And if you’re looking to fill a flower gap in one of your beds with a perennial for next year, you can still forage through our remaining perennial selections. You may find just what you needed.

To complement your fall finds, you’re going to want to add the colored artistry or quirky shapes of our decorative gourds and pumpkins. No fall display is complete without them. We have overflowing baskets and piles to hunt through til you ferret out the choices best representing your style. You can also stock up on hay bales and cornstalks while you’re here. These autumn mainstays will showcase the cozy season through the fall holidays. Get yours now while our stock is still in surplus and have your home arrayed til the snow flies.

With all these fall options, don’t forget about our farm market. We’re still in full swing, offering a plethora of farm-to-table bounties. You can still stop by on your way home and pick up some fresh vegetables for dinner––potatoes, brussel sprouts, peppers, corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more! Or if you’re trying to get some canning in before the end of the season, our tables remain brimming with delectable collections. But don’t think these vegetables are all there is. What’s fall without crunchy apples? We have so many apples, bags and baskets full.

If you are instead looking for a gift, we have plenty to offer. Our Foglers pantry boasts jars filled with delicious and colorful contents. We carry choices from salsas to sauces. One taste and your recipient (or you!) will want more, so you better plan on taking home more than one. If instead home décor is on your agenda, you can peruse our ever-changing, unique assortment of pottery, fountains, and pots. You’re sure to find the piece that fits the bill.

Foglers is crackling with the excitement of fall. Come and experience it with us. But don’t wait too long––just like the season, we can only stay awhile.

(Our last day open this year is October 31, and then we close til spring.)

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