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If you’re like we are, everywhere you see blooms galore. It’s summer! This means all our annuals, perennials, and tropicals are growing by leaps and bounds. Of course, just because the first planting of the spring season is past doesn’t mean you can’t jump in and plant now. If you haven’t started yet, now’s the perfect moment. Or if you’ve already planted your beds and adorned your porch and patio, there’s always room for more. When it comes to plants, we don’t subscribe to the maxim less is more––we believe more is more.

Since growing plants is our specialty, we always have a tremendous selection. And it seems like we have new blooms every day in the summer! So even if you’ve stopped in recently, you’re sure to discover something new when you visit us again. No matter what your needs are––shade or full-sun plants, unique pottery and fountains, home décor––we’re likely to have just what you’re looking for. And with the season in full swing, you may catch one of our sizzling summer sales. With these, you won’t need to decide which item you like best. You can take them all home.

Now let’s talk about our farm market. We have delicious specialty fruit-and-vegetable offerings through the early summer, but come late July, our market truly comes alive, offering more diversity and maximum color. Highest quality is the standard at Foglers. This definitely carries through to our farm market. You won’t find a more delectable selection anywhere. You can stop by and select the freshest items, even for dinner that day.

Foglers is popping with pure pleasure. Stop in and take a deep breath. You’ll know what summer smells like.

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